Paint Lavagna

‘Paint Blackboard’ was designed to evoke positive images that belong to all of us, such as the first day of school, the drawings on the desk, the colored pencils. Its winning feature is the surface, made to be written on and erased, just like a blackboard, experienced day after day in a playful and light way.

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The Lavagna (Blackboard) is a fun and colorful family of lamps. With a simple shape, but with meticulous material details. They have an external surface coated with a special blackboard effect resin on which it is possible to draw, and an interior in Nebulite® material (mix of resin and fibers), available in many different colors. The blackboard reminds us of our childhood, recalling memories and sensations that are connected to the light-heartedness of that period. With the collection of lamps made with this material, you have the opportunity to express your thoughts, draw them, delete them and start over. In alternative you may decide so keep the outer surface black and smooth.

Canopy dimension: Ø 12 cm x 17,5 cm
Ceiling cup dimension: Ø 9 cm x 4 cm
Materials: laprene, nylon, nebulite, blackboard effect resin
Bulb: E14 (max 30w) rec. LED 6w
Outer colors: black
Inner colors: white, red, turquoise, orange, gold, bronze, silver, magenta, blue