Luce Liquida 1

Luna is a collection that draws inspiration from the moon, with a design that encompasses nuances and varied sensations. The Nebulite®, the material with which it is made, transforms the lamps into a catalyst of plastic and soft light, reproducing the lunar surface.


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In a metaphorical game, the Luce Liquida table Light plays with the contrast between the fluid look of the Nebulite material (mix of resin and fiber) that the lamp is made of, and the solid appearance of the steel label. On the steel label there is a poetic and playful text written by the designer Oçilunam in Italian language, which has the title of the lamp “Luce Liquida” (Italian for Liquid light) and is inspired by the label of a wine bottle.

Producer: Oçilunam – In-es.artdesign – Category: aestheticism d.o.c. – Produced in the area of Rome. – Light: courteous. – Color: more or less pale straw yellow. – Smell: delicate and unique. – Taste: dry, pleasant, fresh, harmonic. – Alcohol degrees: minimum 10.5°. – Optimal Age: at times of spiritual awakening. – Combinations: excellent “aperitivo” (aperitif) and great light mood meal. 12% vol. and 1.5 l – Italy.

Canopy dimension: Ø 13 cm x 35 cm
Materials: nebulite, steel, polycarbonate
Bulb: E14 (max 40w) rec. LED 6w
Colors: white, red, turquoise, orange, magenta, blue