Luce Liquida 1 L.E.

The limited edition series of Luce Liquida 1 is created by our lead designer Oçilunam. A precious bottlemade in Nebulite (mix of resins and fibers) a catalyst material of plastic and soft light,  accompanied by a label with a heart, a symbol of life, silkscreened: because light is liquid, light is pulsating, light is alive. A particular limited edition version of “Luce Liquida” that creates an atmosphere of great charm available in turquoise, orange, white and magenta. The label was created in cooperation with @lost_ship_lab.


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In-es.artdesign periodically creates special numbered limited editions of the best sellers of the brand’s lighting collections. These are lamps enriched with artistic interventions, or new limited edition finishes and colors, chosen by our lead designer Oçilunam. They have the capacity of transforming spaces into evocative scenarios, by harmonizing light and material combinations with solutions conceived and designed in a continuous dialogue between function, expression, vibrations and expertly orchestrated balances. In-es.artdesign’s lamps in their material, physical and aesthetic identity make light tangible and enhance the virtual space generated by it.

Diffuser dimensions: Ø 13 cm x 35 cm
Materials: nebulite, polycarbonate, steel
Bulb: E14 (max 40w) rec. 6w LED – not included
Diffuser colour: magenta, orange
Heart color: blue
Cable color: transparent
Cable length: 200cm
Product type: table lamp
Packing size: 38cm x 38cm x 40cm / 2kg